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Work-Life Balance

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Is life working for you or are you working tirelessly for life? Let find some methods on how to balance to get the merit of both the worlds.

Work life balance strives to more productiveness and increased proactiveness. It creates a harmonious chord and draws a thin line between personal and professional life. This line has become even more blur after the pandemic period. In simple terms, giving importance to both private life and life at work leads to an overall healthy lifestyle. Moreover, as the modern workplace evolves, employers strives for proper balance of their remote workforce in terms of work. This allows them to reduce their mental stress. In addition to this, establishing balance will enhance the company’s talent acquisition, efficiency, and employee retention.

Mentioned below are the workplace practices that employers can implement to foster a culture of proper work-life balance.

  • Provide remote or flexible working.

  • Acknowledge efficiency more than hours.

  • Constantly analyze employee workloads.

  • Ensure employees, managers, and leaders are happy and satisfied.

  • Increase benefits and perks.

  • Take and consider the workforce’s feedback.

  • Support and recognize creativity and out-of-the-box suggestions.

Employees can strategize themselves in drawing that border and below are few of them to consider from.

  • Determine priorities and goals both at work and home.

  • Monitor your time spent on activities.

  • Develop schedules/boundaries for each task.

  • Prioritize your health and take breaks/vacations whenever needed.

  • Give time to family and other relationships.

  • Stop thinking about work in personal space and vice versa.

  • Work smarter, not harder, and use technologies.

  • And most importantly, make time for yourself.

The conversation is increasingly becoming, “Family and life outside of work comes first. How can you create a work schedule that fits your lifestyle?” - This has been the preference of younger workforce. We at StatPPC believe in valuing our employees' retention as equally important to retaining our clients. Creating a Healthier Workplace Culture is of utmost importance and we strive to be among the top 1% in our industry and encourage people to take time to rest and maintain a strong work-life balance.

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